As you read this, a family is grieving the death of their son. The reason of his death? His failed attempt to save a girl from drowning in the sea, as she was taking selfies.

Selfies taken on adventurous trail and in bizarre situations, in a bid to capture thrilling moments, can lead to accidents or prove fatal. On an average a youth takes about 14-15 selfies in a day. That's 5000+ selfies in a year. Even if a small percentage of those selfies were irresponsible, that is a big enough number to be concerned.

I'm Deepak Gandhi and I've started a movement 'Selfie To Die For', to create a global awareness on the life hazards of taking risky & irresponsible selfies. Through the website, I'm encouraging visitors to take a pledge that they will 'Selfie Responsibly'. I'm visiting colleges & public institutions to raise awareness about this issue.

You too can do your bit & help in saving lives. Here's how:-

Many brands run selfie related campaigns. Participants may take risky, adventurous or life threatening selfies in the excitement / greed to win gratifications, or at times just for the 'likes'. I would like to request brands, corporates and whosoever run these selfie contests or campaigns, to propagate taking RESPONSIBLE SELFIES. It must be a part of your Terms & Conditions, that selfie photographs that seem risky & life threatening will be disqualified or considered invalid. The marketing collaterals (videos, images etc.) must refrain from carrying any selfie photographs that will instigate the participants to take life threatening selfies.

1) No-Selfie zones to be identified and warning sign-boards to be put up. These could be forts, tall buildings / skyscrapers, sea-side / shores, valleys / ghats, mountains, spots in zoo's with partial fencings, highways, etc.
2) A new rule in the Traffic Rule Book: As a rule in some countries, it may not be allowed to talk on the phone while driving. But, there is no rule as such when it comes to taking selfies while driving a 4-wheeler or riding a 2-wheeler. Meaning, a traffic cop may not stop you / penalise you if he see's you with your mobile phone held high (taking a selfie) while driving. My proposition is to have this as a part of the Traffic Rule Book, to consider this as a punishable offence and penalise / impose a fine / imply a social service punishment on those who are caught doing so. Taking selfies while driving / riding not only jeopardises their life, but the life of other passersby as well.

Whether you are a sports person, an actor, a singer or dancer, a politician or a business tycoon, you are loved & followed by your fans. I request you to refrain from putting up your selfies (especially on the social media) which are taken in a manner that could prove dangerous for the youth to try themselves.

The above stated proposition is global and not only specific to any particular country. Let us collectively do our bit to save people from dying because of a selfie!

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